Lucero and Mijares: this is their relationship in “El Retador”, the new Televisa program

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Mexican singer Lucero and Manuel Mijares placeholder image during the 90s they became one of the most media and famous couples. The stars were characterized by the great feeling that united them and that was born since they met in the movie “Escape with me.” They were married for 14 years and separated in 2011, much to the sadness of their fans.

It took a long time to see them together again, albeit on stage. America’s Brideand Mijares offered a virtual concert entitled “Always friends” and which was transmitted via streaming last Saturday, May 22. Since then, the faithful followers of Mexican artists have wanted to see them together once more.

Fortunately, they will be able to fulfill their wishes, because soon the couple will be together on the television show The Challenger, a competition program that will face your opponents in the disciplines of singing, dancing and imitation. Find out more about it below and find out what the relationship is like between the two.

It was her own Lucero who was in charge of sharing a preview of the program in which he will be in the company of Manuel Mijares and , as the judges of the competition and, in addition, will have the participation of the actress , who will be in charge of directing the program and the influencer , who will play the role of “The Informant.”

In advance,reveals that the program will premiere on August 15 at 8:30 PM, through the Las Estrellas signal. Also, you can see how the show and competition of singing, dancing and imitation will develop.

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But not only that, the video also shows what the relationship between the ex-husbands will be like. According to the images, you can see the large dumbbell that Lucero makes with ; but, also, it shows that they will not always agree. In the clip there is a fragment in which the interpreter of “The privilege of loving” says: “That’s why I left her”. In what context did he say it?

Rubén Galindo, producer of the reality show, revealed how he managed to convince Lucero and Mijares to be part of “The challenger.”

“We had invited Lucero and we were looking for a very interesting panel and suddenly we came up with Mirajes. We thought it was a great idea to see them together, as a civilized family and I think it will also be very funny, very entertaining and edifying, even for their children “Galindo said.

According to the television creative, Lucero reacted “Haunted” to the proposal to work with Mijares and he was getting used to the idea “little by little”.

“We raised this idea with Lucero, he told us he loved it. Then we looked for Manuel and gradually convinced him to come “, he assured. Later, Itatí Cantoral joined the project as a third judge and Consuelo Duval was chosen to debut as a television host.

“We wanted to see fresh faces driving and someone who could be funny, with a prior affection from the public and a mental agility that people who have done comedy have. So we talked to Consuelo, she told us that she was that person and that she wanted to be in The Challenger “, said Rubén Galindo.

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