Lucía de la Cruz after giving show to Peruvians in Europe: “I cried while I sang”

Lucía de la Cruz after giving show to Peruvians in Europe: "I cried while I sang"

Lucia de la Cruz He confessed that he was moved to tears during his presentations that he offered over the weekend in Milan and Rome, where the Peruvian colony sang and enjoyed his performances.

“It has been very emotional to meet again with the Peruvian public that lives in Rome and Milan, I was very moved and I cried with them while I sang, I felt like a rookie, I was nervous but happy. Returning to the stage is a blessing and even more so with the celebrations for the Bicentennial, because compatriots miss Peru more ”, the Creole specified to the Trome newspaper.

The Peruvian interpreter said that she will continue her tour of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where she will offer shows for the celebration of the National Holidays.

“Now I am going to Madrid and Barcelona where I am also going to pay tribute to Peru for the 200 years of independence that we have fulfilled. I’ve only been in Europe for a few days, but I already miss my country, my family, my friends ”, added.

On the other hand, Lucía announced that in August she will perform a show in Barranco and then undergo a gallbladder operation. “After my tour in Europe I return with everything to Lima because on August 20 I will celebrate my birthday with a show at La Estación de Barranco. I have lost 21 kilos, I feel better in health, but I still have to have gallbladder surgery to avoid complications in my state of health ”, indicated the Creole singer.

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