“Lucía Méndez: Cher—The Unexpected Fandom Connection in Her Life”

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Lucía Méndez Meets Cher: A Memorable Encounter

Lucía Méndez says that her meeting with Cher was forever recorded in her mind. The Mexican actress and singer has recently shared details about her encounter with the American singing sensation during an interview on the program “Se te estaba di y di” by La Saga.

Lucía, known for her admiration for Cher, revealed that she had already met her idol in Miami. She expressed her desire to be the Mexican version of Cher and had sent her career portfolio, hoping for a meeting. And to her delight, Cher agreed to meet her.

The meeting left a profound impression on Lucía. She described Cher as beautiful, gorgeous, and truly simple and cool. They even bonded over the ambiguity of being an actress and a singer. Cher mentioned that she loved Mexico, enjoyed Lucía’s songs, and had seen her acting work.

This anecdote has garnered mixed reactions from the public. Some internet users compared it to “Martha Higareda moments,” referring to unbelievable stories told by the actress Martha Higareda. However, Lucía’s fans defended her and believed the authenticity of the encounter. They praised her as the Diva of Mexico.

Lucía couldn’t help but draw a comparison between Cher’s attitude and her encounter with Madonna. She highlighted Cher’s pleasant and down-to-earth nature while expressing her disappointment with Madonna’s treatment towards her.

Despite the skepticism surrounding her anecdotes, Lucía Méndez remains unbothered and continues to share her unique encounters with international celebrities. Her meeting with Cher will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight in her career.

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