“Lucía Méndez joins the celebration of Luis Miguel’s love story with Paloma Cuevas”

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Lucía Méndez: No Song Dedicated to Luis Miguel

Lucía Méndez is currently promoting her latest album, Por amor a México, which she claims is based on her experiences and loves. During a recent interview with the Hoy program, the singer was asked if any song on the album was dedicated to Luis Miguel, to which she explained her reasons for not doing so.

Although Méndez and Luis Miguel had a past romance, the singer said she did not take it to heart. “I remember very nice, nice memories of the relationship with Micky, it was very funny, very father,” she said. However, she explained that she did not want to fall in love again due to the dangers and suffering it may cause.

Despite her interest in attending one of LuisMi’s concerts, Méndez confessed that the desire of fans prevented her from getting a ticket. “Now it’s all full!… well, yes, like La Doña, but tell me how do I do it in the front row if it’s already clogged, everyone already bought everything,” she said with a laugh.

Méndez praised Luis Miguel as a “phenomenon” and a “unique singer.” She also expressed her happiness for his personal life, particularly applauding Paloma Cuevas, who is currently by his side. “She is very happy with this Spanish woman, very pretty, I think she stays there, pretty, European It’s beautiful, because I think she takes care of it, you can see it. Luis Miguel had not been as handsome as he is now,” she said.

In conclusion, while Méndez’s latest album may not have any songs dedicated to Luis Miguel, the singer still has fond memories of their past relationship and wishes him all the best in his personal life.

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