Luciana Fuster broke down with impotence in the face of new speculations about her private life | VIDEO

The member of “This is war”, Luciana Fuster, was affected by the constant speculation about her private life. This after images of him were shown in a meeting in which he coincided with his program partner, Diego Rodríguez.

In recent statements to América Espectáculos, the young influencer could not contain her tears when referring to the criticism against her and clarified that despite being a public figure, her life does not have to be the center of speculation.

“I don’t understand who can have the freedom or the authority to belittle your last name, your job, to qualify you as a person. I don’t know them They don’t know me and they have no idea what I do in my house, if they want to grab and destroy me, minimize me and crush me because of what they invent about my private life, they are super badFuster said.

“I’m already fed up, tired. It is not possible that wherever you are, with whom you are, there is always someone with a phone in hand who is dedicated to recording. People have nothing else to do but see someone they know and record, the worst thing is that the programs that sell these rumors assemble and sell a whole story as if it were true. I was on a weekend with a group of friends, but obviously they are going to get what I went out with Diego “added.

Likewise, Luciana Fuster explained the reason why she returned in the same taxi as her program partner and clarified that they are generating a bad image for her as a result of speculation.

“If I go back in a taxi with Diego or whoever he wants, it is because I want to return accompanied by some place, the party we went to was in Pachacamac, I don’t have to go back alone and I don’t have to hide from anyone. I cannot remain silent because the image they are making of me is the one that has been harming me year after year”, specified the model.

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