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Luciano Pereyra shared the video of “Why do you want to go back?”, With the performance of Cande Ruggeri

Luciano Pereyra prepares to live intense days. The singer will give a series of 12 concerts at the Luna Park stadium, which will run during this month and November. In the last hours, as a preview of his next album, he presented his new single and video “What do you want to come back for?”. The song was composed by Luciano with Andrés Castro and Daniel Santacruz, and talks about a finished love that wants to return. It has a catchy beat and all the elements to be a new hit.

The clip was directed by Migue Vazquez and has the special participation of the well-known model and influencer Cande Ruggeri, daughter of the ex-footballer Oscar Ruggeri. Tonight he will formally begin his international tour “From today onwards” with recitals at Luna Park that will take him through the interior of the country, Latin America, the United States and Spain.

“To have the possibility of going back up on stage, of any kind, after so long it is very important. After all that we had to live, it takes on a much more important meaning. We provide some shows, with bubbles, throughout the summer but these presentations are going to be different. I am very happy to get back together with my musicians to rehearse ”, Luciano described to The Viola.

Luciano Pereyra is recording his new album: “Going back to work means getting back in touch with your things”

After a year and a half marked by the coronavirus, where the musical activity entered an extensive standstill, the artist settled in Miami to record his new album.

The first advance was “Como siempre”, with the collaboration of the Chilean singer Denise Rosenthal. An idea that was born when both artists appeared as jurors in the Viña del Mar festival. “It came out in a natural way, with all the emotion we had to make this song. I think it matured at the right time ”, expressed Luciano.

The successor of Life in the wind (2017), a work with 10 songs that had very good response from the public, with cuts like “Like you”, marked by urban rhythms or the ballad “It’s my fault”. “I’m happy to be back in the studio and meeting with authors is great. This process of being able to create is fantastic, ”he said about the moment of creation.

“Recently we composed a song with Nacho (from Chyno & Nacho) and it was great. Crossing paths with people you’ve known for a long time to create new themes is fabulous. You learn a lot and is enriched with all this information. Each of the producers or composers have a different vision and that is the most important thing. If I do the album, I’m just limiting myself ”.

Luciano Pereyra and his successful way of composing

Luciano said that he saves his ideas on his cell phone, the same with the lyrics, and once he arrives at the studio he develops them together with his collaborators. “We started a very interesting round trip, looking for certain arrangements, chords, and ultimately it is a way of understanding the other. I am very curious”.

In those days of composition and recording, the singer seeks not listening to much music and focus on your own adventure. “I stop to look for details, different sounds and when I start producing I want the song to flow with what arises in the moment. It amuses me much more this way ”, he concluded.

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