Lucifer: 4 Theories That Will Excite Fans About How The Series Could End

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After a successful premiere with the second part of the fifth season, now Lucifer it is about to reach its final end. On September 10, Netflix will premiere the sixth and final season of ten episodes full of action, drama and a bit of romance. With Tom Ellis again in the shoes of the protagonist, this closing of the story promises to be much more compelling than previous editions.

And, exactly nine days before the big premiere, fans of Lucifer they already wonder what the truth will be. But to shorten the wait, both Tom Ellis and his costar Lauren German gave an interview on TVLine in which they talked about things to come. Although, it should be noted that they did not give many details, but they did clarify that their characters will be more together than ever.

Tom Ellis y Lauren German. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

Of course, in turn, German clarified that the end will be “bittersweet”, But also explains that this is a good term to define the closing of the story making it clear that the fans will finally see what they want to see. So much so that, from Spoiler, we show you four theories that could explain the actress’s words.

4 theories that will thrill fans of how Lucifer could end up:

1. Lucifer brings back Dan Espinoza:

It is confirmed that Kevin Alejandro’s character, Dan Espinoza, returns for this season. Despite the fact that he died in the fifth edition, everything indicates that he will be back. In fact, one theory claims that Lucifer He will be in charge of bringing the detective to show his powers to Trixie (Scarlett Estevez).

To do so, though, you’ll have to delve into entirely new territory: either erase time or go backward. It remains to be seen.

2. Chloe could die to be with Lucifer:

In the season 5 finale, Chloe decides to quit her job as a detective to become “God’s Advisor,” the new job from Lucifer. But, the fact that he has to go to the city of silver to fulfill his duty could cause her to have to die in order to enter because she is not a celestial being.

3. Ella López could discover the truth about Lucifer and his brother, Amenadiel:

“Little Lopez”, as he calls her LuciferShe was always the only one who was unaware of everything that was happening around her. However, according to fans, now she could have a moment of evil that leads her to believe that Azrael was always real, as well as the other archangels. Will he discover Lucifer and his brother?

4. Lucifer’s Decision:

From being the most rebellious son of God, he now has a new task: to be God. But, after his stay on earth, he found two people who filled him with affection: Chloe and Trixie. Will he have to choose one to take with him?

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