Lucifer 6 and more series premiering this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Disney +

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The streaming services are preparing for their first full week in September, where they will continue to offer the best of their catalog to entertain their millions of subscribers. In the last week Netflix succumbed to the first part of The Paper House 5 and now it will with the sixth season of Lucifer, in addition to other releases. Also review the series that will come to Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney+. Don’t miss a thing!

+ Netflix releases

– The Circle: USA | Season 3

Premiere: September 8th
A new group of would-be imposters and honest allies join The Circle in hopes of winning this third season’s cash prize.

– Lucifer | Season 6

Premiere: September, 10th
Lucifer got the promotion, but are you looking forward to the job? Also, Chloe prepares to leave investigative work, Amenadiel joins the police, and more.

+ Amazon Prime Video Releases

– Fear The Walking Dead | Temporada 6

Premiere: September 6
In Los Angeles, two families must come together to survive the apocalypse of the undead.

+ HBO Max Releases

-Stargirl | Episode 5, Season 2

Premiere: September 8 | One episode per week
Teen Courtney Whitmore joins the Justice League. Based on the DC comic characters.

– Roswell, New Mexico | Episode 7, Season 3

Premiere: September 9 | One episode per week
A re-image of Roswell, which focuses on residents of New Mexico, where aliens live undercover among humans.

+ Disney releases +

– What If…? | Episodio 5

Premiere: September 8 | One episode per week
Explore key moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and lead audiences into uncharted territory.

– Partners and Hounds | Episode 8

Premiere: September 8 | One episode per week
Everything changes for ambitious cop Scott Turner (Josh Peck) when he ends up inheriting Hooch, a big, slimy and chaotic hound. This new pet does nothing but cause problems that end up destroying his department and threatening his future in the police force.

– Doogie Kamealoha, MD

Premiere: September 8th
Lahela “Doogie” Kameāloha is a teenage prodigy who juggles her high school life and early medical career. The series is not a direct continuation; with the characters recognizing the previous series as a television show and dubbing Lahela “Doogie” as a reference to her.


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