Lucifer 6 closes with a flourish: new characters and an unexpected twist

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After three months and thirteen days, Netflix returns to bet on Lucifer. On May 28, the second volume of the fifth season was released and this Friday, September 10, the sixth and last edition arrives. On this occasion, Tom Ellis returns to put himself in the shoes of the protagonist to face new challenges after the controversial ending that left part five.

Lucifer, which will have its definitive closure worldwide, will now touch different points in the life of the most rebellious son of God. This season, which consists of ten new episodes, brings a new dilemma into his life: become Almighty God or continue to enjoy his life in Los Angeles. Likewise, Lauren German continues to give life to Chloe Decker, her great companion.

In turn, for this season, the staging remains the same, but different landscapes and scenarios are also added that bring certain controversies and problems to the characters. Of course, the legendary LUX is still intact and the essence of Lucifer Morningstar is not lost, although the character does manage to change his way of being and discover his true destiny.

Lucifer and Chloe are closer than ever. Photo: (Netflix)

However, just as he finds his new life, Tom Ellis’s character must also face new characters who arrive to change everything. Among them is an angel, hitherto unknown, who has the purpose of destroying Lucifer for reasons that will take an unexpected turn in the series. Plus, there’s also the fact that he and Chloe must set out to investigate their own murder.

But, the most important thing about this season is that sentimentality is the main theme. Beyond the fact that the Devil is beginning to truly understand who he is, there are people in his life that he must both say goodbye to forever and guide them on a new path. In all chapters, the series focuses on saying goodbye to each character in the cast.

The entire cast is now ready to say goodbye.  Photo: (Netflix)

The entire cast is now ready to say goodbye. Photo: (Netflix)

Little by little, the strip found a way to give a definitive closure to the history of each of them, especially those who had the most prominence. Maze, Dan, Dr. Linda Martin, Amenadiel, Trixie, little Lopez and, of course, the same Lucifer and Decker. The banner in this latest edition is the love between them and how they took care of each other to say goodbye in a big way.

Undoubtedly, the last season comes with new things and even leaves the door open to possible spin-offs. Although, it should be noted that those who most attract the attention of this season are not the protagonists, but it is Aimee García, the interpreter of Ella López, who dazzles the most with her performance.

The character of Aimee García dazzles this season.  Photo: (Netflix)

The character of Aimee García dazzles this season. Photo: (Netflix)

The actress takes on a very important role in this season by being one of the first in which she discovers a possible end of the world. So much so that by always demonstrating his faith in God and his good will, this character discovers certain things that will change the course of the series. Without a doubt, the sixth and final season of Lucifer it has everything to become one of the best closings of a fiction.

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