Lucifer 6: Netflix Confirmed Release Date

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On May 28, Netflix added to its catalog one of the most important and long-awaited seasons of this year: part two of the fifth edition of Lucifer. With only five episodes, the platform completed this story that was paused due to the coronavirus pandemic, which prevented them from continuing to shoot and being able to finish filming the episodes.

However, more than a month has passed since the premiere of the last season and, also, the end of the filming of the sixth season. It will be ten new chapters that definitively close the history of Lucifer, which stars Tom Ellis who said goodbye to the character that catapulted him to international fame.

From what transpired, the last episodes will show the most rebellious angel becoming God while his great love, Chloe will begin to be his advisor, just as he was during the first five seasons. It is for this very reason that the next season became the most important as it will see a completely new story.

Lucifer will come to an end. Photo: (Netflix)

And, after so many months of waiting and although everything indicated that the last season would arrive next year, Netflix has just confirmed the release date. It will be next September 10 when Lucifer complete your story thus closing a cycle that marked Ellis’s life and that made him, to this day, one of the actors of the moment.

Through an Instagram video in which you can see a summary of what the previous editions were, it was how the platform confirmed the long-awaited date. “Let’s be bad one more time”Wrote the official account of the strip to accompany the audiovisual.

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