Lucifer does not return alone: ​​the official poster confirms the reappearance of one of the characters

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Despite fan wishes, Netflix has long since confirmed that Lucifer it will only have six seasons. The series, which stars Tom Ellis, is one of the platform’s greatest successes as it tells the story of, precisely, the Devil who arrives on earth, more precisely in Los Angeles, in order to reintegrate himself into society. .

And, after years of enjoying the sense of humor of Lucifer, his courage and, in addition, his intensity, the story of the most rebellious son of God is about to come to an end. It will be next September 10 when the streaming giant adds to its catalog the chapters that will close the strip that launched Ellis to international fame.

Lucifer is now ready to return to action. Photo: (Netflix)

During the filming of this edition, few details were known about it, but now that the same cast was the one who confirmed the end of the recordings and that the series is ready to be released, little by little certain points are being revealed shocking of things to come. But now, the production confirmed one of the most anticipated news: one of the characters returns to fiction.

When they released the official trailer for the sixth season, it wasn’t much that was seen, but it did stand out that Lucifer he told a police officer that this was his last night in Los Angeles. However, what many wanted to see was not put in the trailer: the reappearance of Dan, the character played by Kevin Alejandro and who was killed in the fifth part B.

A few months ago it was the actor himself who confirmed that, after filming the scene of his murder, the production did not take long to call him back for the latest edition. Anyway, It was in the publication of the official poster that the wish of the fans came true, who were disappointed with his tragic end in the series: the character appears along with the rest of the cast.

We are bringing the heat with the sixth season of Lucifer coming September 10 to Netflix”, Wrote the official account of the fiction to accompany the first official image of what the strip will be. Not only are Tom Ellis and Lauren German on the postcard, but there are also Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maize), Aimee García (Elle López), DB Woodside (Amenadiel), Rachel Harris (Linda Martin) and, finally, Kevin Alejandro with the interpreter of Maize.

That is, its position on the official poster could indicate that it will not return in the form of flashbacks to the series, but that it will be seen what her true torture is in hell now that Maize will become the Queen. What’s more, this theory coincides with the words that Amenadiel says to his brother, Lucifer, when he asks if his friend is in heaven and God’s firstborn responds by denying. So much so that the next chapters will come stronger than ever: will you want Lucifer save Dan? But, this is a question that could only be answered on September 10.

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