Lucifer: Everything We Know About Season 6

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On May 28, Netflix added season 5B of Lucifer which was explicitly based on the protagonist’s family. However, while the remaining eight chapters of the fifth edition were released, the cast of the series finished the filming of the sixth part, which will be the definitive end of the story that shows the most rebellious son of God from a totally different perspective than the common.

So much so that, now, fans are very anxiously awaiting what will be Tom Ellis’s last adventure in the shoes of Lucifer. Through a tender and emotional message, the British actor said goodbye to this role that catapulted him to international fame and greatly thanked Netflix for having saved this strip that, a few years ago, was canceled by the Fox television network.

But, to lessen the wait and, while the protagonists still do not reveal anything about what will come, from Spoiler we tell you everything we know about season six so far, including the premiere date. Although some details have already been leaked, such as that Chloe could take much more prominence than the Devil himself, there are some who only met now.

5 facts you should know about Lucifer season 6:

1. Number of chapters:

The seasons of Lucifer They were varying in terms of their chapters and, the last edition will not be the exception. Unlike, for example, the fifth, the sixth part will have 10 episodes which will give the final closure to the story

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2. The cast:

It has already been confirmed, by the same production, that the complete cast will return to the small screen to capture season six. In fact, who will also be back is Kevin Alejandro, the interpreter of Dan, a character who lost his life in season 5B, but who has already announced his return.

3. The plot:

Based on how the last recently released episodes closed, the sixth season will be focused on Lucifer taking God’s place and Chloe Decker being his consultant. Likewise, there will also be the fact that hell will be left without a supervisor, but Maze wants to take power.

4. Chloe’s role:

According to what the director of the drama said in an interview, this time Lauren German’s character will take into account all the work she did Lucifer She stops with her person and her work and will try to put herself in his place, being now she who is one step behind.

5. Release date:

Although the filming of the sixth season is already finished and many want to receive the new episodes this year, it is assumed that they could only arrive next year. Although there is no strategy regarding the schedule of this series, everything indicates that they will be available between May and August 2022.

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