Lucifer: everything you need to remember to start the last season in full swing

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There are only three days until the great premiere of the sixth and final season of Lucifer. After the first five editions full of success, now the story starring Tom Ellis comes to a definitive end. With only ten episodes, this time the Devil must take the place of Almighty God and, in turn, avoid the end of the world as he tries to solve his own murder.

I mean, in this new season, Lucifer it will have different challenges, like all the characters that accompany it. So much so that, from Spoiler, we remind you of all the important points of the fifth part so that you start the new chapters to the fullest.

Everything you need to remember about Lucifer:

1. The battle of celestial beings:

In the last chapter of season 5B, released on May 28, Lucifer and his brothers face each other to see who corresponds to the new position of God. Miguel, the protagonist’s twin, leads one side, while he leads the other.

With much audacity and courage, Lucifer ends up winning after bringing Chloe back to life and proving that he is worthy of the Silver City. So much so that all his brothers surrender to him and proclaim him the new Almighty God.

2. The death of Dan Espinoza and his arrival in hell:

In season 5B Dan, Kevin Alejandro’s character, is killed by hitmen. And, before his wake, Amenadiel decides to travel to the Silver City to verify that he is specifically there. But, at the time of his wake, he returns and confirms to Lucifer that he is not in heaven, but is probably in hell.

Kevin Alejandro in his role as Dan. Photo: (IMDB)

3. Amenadiel’s new destination:

In the previous season, Amenadiel finds himself in a struggle: join the police force or not. And, before he dies, Dan sends his application for registration to the police, so now it is up to him to decide whether to continue with his true wish or not.

Amenadiel has a new path ahead.  Photo: (IMDB)

Amenadiel has a new path ahead. Photo: (IMDB)

4. Is Miguel back ?:

After losing in the celestial battle, Miguel completely disappears from the map. But, the arrival of a new character who has the purpose of destroying Lucifer could revive him. His whereabouts are still unknown, although it is probably hell, nothing has been confirmed. Will he be the one to assassinate the protagonist?

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