Lucifer: Official Trailer and Release Date for the Final Season!

Lucifer: Official Trailer and Release Date for the Final Season!

Even if the fans don’t want it, Lucifer is already starting to say goodbye to the streaming service Netflix with a new trailer for its final season. They will be the last episodes of one of the most outstanding series on the platform, after the launch of the 5B installment at the end of May this year. This Tuesday they presented the first big trailer together with its release date.

“It’s over: this is the final season of ‘Lucifer’. Yes, now it is serious. The devil himself has become God … or almost. God, what will you do about it? Bittersweet time has come to say goodbye to Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Maze, Linda, Ella and Dan. Tissue stockpiling is recommended. “says the official synopsis.

The closure of the program was already news that fans knew, since in March of this year the recordings of the last chapters ended and his own Tom Ellis he said goodbye to his followers. On the 29th of the third month he wrote on Instagram: “Thank you to all the crew members who have helped bring the Lucifer story to life. What a journey.”.

This Tuesday the expected trailer of the sixth and last installment arrived, which raised big questions from fans for the latest showing: a duel between the protagonist and Chloe Decker, but the appearance of Azrael’s sword is striking, since it is one of the few elements capable of killing the devil. In addition, it aroused curiosity about the scene in which they appear animated. What are they hiding? Check out the preview!

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As previously announced, The next episodes of the final season of Lucifer will be available on Netflix from September 10. It will be part of a month awaited by viewers, as the platform will also feature a large tank like The Money Heist, which will arrive a week before.

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