Lucifer season 6 won’t feature Lauren German as Chloe

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Thanks to its plot, which is out of the ordinary and the acting level of its characters, Lucifer made history on Netflix. Since its premiere, after being rescued by the platform after being canceled by Fox, it became one of the most watched series worldwide and, in fact, Nielsen confirmed it with its recently published statistics.

So much so that the story of the most rebellious son of God that has Tom Ellis as the protagonist already has five seasons available and, in fact, the sixth is expected next year. After several months of work, the entire cast of Lucifer announced the end of filming and everyone said goodbye to their characters since edition number six will be the last.

Tom Ellis y Lauren German. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

That is why, despite the fact that season 5B was added to the Netflix catalog just a month ago, many are already looking forward to the end of the story. However, to calm the desire of fans of fiction, many details of what is to come have already been leaked and, it should be noted, that the last one is not what was expected for the “happy ending”.

Partners for life”Is the title that the last episode of the final season will have, a title that was revealed by the directors of the drama themselves, but that at the end of the day could mean the opposite of what many imagined. Is that, fans are intrigued and wonder if Chloe will grow old without her lover, if they will marry, if they will be immortal together, in short, how their relationship will end, but recently the networks were flooded by a photograph that could indicate a tragic end.

Lauren German could lose her place as Chloe.  Photo: (IMDB)

Lauren German could lose her place as Chloe. Photo: (IMDB)

Turns out, an entry on the specialized IMDB page sparked discussions as it stated (has already been removed) that Lauren German would be replaced as Chloe by Jean Carol, who was defined as Elder Chloe. That is why, from there, the theory was born that the protagonist will leave his beloved on earth to grow old with his daughter, Trixie and have a normal life. Something that, of course, the fans did not take very happy.

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