Lucifer Season 7 – Things to Know So Far

When it aired on Fox for the first time, it took the whole channel by storm.

Lucifer is one of the most celebrated series of the current time. Once run by Fox, it was taken over by Netflix for the subsequent seasons and received immense love from the audience. The first season of the show aired from the 25th of January to the 25th of April 2016. It comprised 13 episodes. After the immense success and approval of the critics and audience, five more seasons of the show were released.

The makers released the sixth season on Netflix on the 10th of September, 2021. And since then, all the eyes have been on the seventh season. Unfortunately, the show has not been renewed for its seventh installment. It means that the sixth season of Lucifer was the last.

Here is everything to know about Lucifer and why its seventh season got canceled.

What Is Lucifer All About?

The series follows the story of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). He is the former ruler of Hell, who abandons his throne and comes to live in Los Angeles. There, Lucifer opens a nightclub called Lux. He involves himself in the LAPD after helping Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) solve a case. As the duo works together, the protagonist wonders if there is more to his life than just crime-solving.

The series impressed the audience and critics alike.

There Wouldn’t Be Another Season of Lucifer

Ever since its release, the show became so popular that Netflix picked it up for just a fourth season after Fox dropped it post three seasons. Unfortunately, the show’s lifespan is constrained despite its new environment.

According to the reports, the sixth season of the show brought the story of the titular demon to the end.

Why Wouldn’t There be a Seventh Season of Lucifer?

Are you wondering why the makers are not keen on creating upcoming seasons of the show?

Lucifer was supposed to finish after five seasons with a dramatic announcement about God. It was the original script proposed by Netflix. However, the streamer soon altered their mind about the show and announced its renewal for the sixth season.

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Netflix released ten more episodes of the show to give its characters a dignified send-off, once and for all. When the sixth season was released, the official social media account (Twitter) clarified that the last episode would be Final final. Since then, the writers and streamers have backed that theory, implying that the show has ended and there wouldn’t be another season whatsoever.

Reportedly, the showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich admitted that they almost did not do it when Netflix asked them to return for ten more episodes and ended their writing for the fifth season only. It was only after much thought the duo devised a strategy for the subsequent season.

How Did Lucifer Season 6 End?

The last season of the series concluded on an emotional and heartbreaking note. It finished up the tales of all the vital characters while also offering the Devil its due.

After conquering his wicked twin brother Michael, Lucifer enters the sixth season to become God. But the appearance of Rory Morningstar, Lucifer’s future daughter bars the Devil from rising to Heaven and becoming the Almighty. On the contrary, the protagonist opts to build a bond with Rory and find out why he disappeared from her life.

The Devil rescues Rory from the clutches of Vincent Le Mec, the hitman who murdered Dan Espinoza in the fifth season’s finale. Le Mec planned to kill the Devil; however, Lucifer intervened and stopped Rory from killing him and becoming her own version of the Devil. But Lucifer’s kidnapping and rescue of Rory becomes the key to why he vanishes in Rory’s future. Throughout the sixth season, the Devil has been unwittingly redeeming some of Hell’s inmates and assisting Dan’s soul in reaching Heaven.

Lucifer understands that this ultimate mission is to return to Hell and help every cursed soul in breaking free of their Hell loops and achieve redemption in Heaven. This mission means leaving before Rory is born, which is why he vanishes from his daughter’s life.

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Will there be a Spinoff?

Now that fans have taken this sad news in their stride, they are hoping that the creators release a spin-off series of Lucifer. The show doesn’t require reintroducing viewers to the universe it built. Although Lucifer and Chloe’s stories are done, it is Rory’s presence that allows it to have a spin-off.

That said, the makers are in no mood to return to the universe of Lucifer anytime soon. But, if things change, the fans may expect reboots and reunions and, therefore, a spin-off to the show. They are just keeping their fingers crossed.

A lot of it is already being discussed on many forums and social media platforms. Let us wait and watch.

Where can I Watch Lucifer?

The show has ended, and there is no hope of the seventh season coming on board. But it doesn’t mean you cannot re-watch it. Whether you are beginning to watch it or re-watching the show, Lucifer will keep you entertained throughout the six seasons. You can stream all six seasons of the show on Netflix.

Know these Fun Facts about Lucifer

The Show is Based on a Comic Book Character

Do you know that Lucifer is based on a comic book character? It follows the Sandman comic book series. This show is neither an adaptation of the comics nor is the protagonist from the comics anything like this charming British devil. Lucifer has sought inspiration from the character of the comics. Interestingly, the author sent across his comic books to Tom Ellis to read.

The Protagonist was Supposed to Have an American Accent

Lucifer was originally supposed to have an American accent. However, the makers thought Tom Ellis’ British accent would make anything sound good, and if said in a British accent, you cannot get away with anything.

Lucifer was Cancelled After Third Season

The show was canceled after the third season. However, after this announcement, many fans started posting the hashtag #saveLucifer, which urged the creators to bring this show back. As a result, the fourth season was released on Netflix.

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Chloe’s Name is Connected to Greek Mythology

Did you know Chloe is one of the many names for Demeter? In Greek mythology, Demeter was the Goddess of Harvest. She was also the mother of Persephone who is believed to have bonded to Hades for eternity after consuming pomegranate seeds while in his domain. Interesting enough?

There was a Petition Against Lucifer

It may surprise you, but there was a petition against Lucifer from one of the conservative groups called One Million Moms. This group wanted the show to be canceled even before a single episode of it had been aired. The petition received 11,000 signatures against the show. The reasons were simple – they thought the show would glorify the Devil.

Three Actors on the Show Share the Same Birth Month

As strange as it may sound, three major actors on the show – Tom Ellis, Aimee Garcia, and Lauren German share the same birth month. Not only were they born in November, but the three lead actors also share birthdays within exactly twelve days of one another. The number 12 also has a religious symbolic value as it represents order and perfection.

The title of Each Episode is mentioned at Least Once

Next time you are watching Lucifer, we urge you to listen carefully and pay attention to the episode’s title. You will hear Lucifer say the title at a given point.

Tom Ellis is a Great Singer

The makers of the show did not know about the actor being a good singer until they were shooting in Vancouver and engaged in a karaoke session. They heard him sing, and the makers decided to make his beautiful voice a part of his character. Interestingly, Tom is a powerful singer. He can play several instruments, such as trumpet, guitar, and piano. You will spot him playing the piano on the show too.

The Shooting Took Place in Vancouver

Not many people know this, but the first two seasons of Lucifer were shot in Vancouver. Later on, they went on to shoot in Los Angeles.

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