Lucifer: there is the possibility of a spin off with a new protagonist

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Despite the fans’ wishes, Netflix decided to give closure to Lucifer. After five successful seasons, just a few hours ago he released the sixth and last worldwide. Facing new challenges and controversies, Tom Ellis once again put himself in the shoes of the protagonist and by his side Lauren German could not miss giving life to Chloe Decker, the great love of the Devil.

With only ten episodes, this season of Lucifer he fired each character one by one, but also took an unexpected turn. At the end of the fifth edition and after a celestial battle with his brothers, whoever was the Devil ends up being proclaimed as the successor of God. For this reason, now, he has no alternative but to take the place of his father, whom he criticized so many times.

However, before assuming the Almighty throne, the protagonist decides to take a few days off until he feels ready to be the ruler of the world. With Chloe as his companion and despite a possible end of the world, he takes his time to fulfill his duties. But when you start to get closer to your destination, everything changes.

Lucifer and Chloe take their time. Photo: (Netflix)

The arrival of his daughter, Rory, forces both him and the detective to have other priorities. And that’s how Tom Ellis’s character begins to discover that his true calling is not to be God, but to help redeem those in hell. The Devil stops punishing and becomes the therapist of those who come to his kingdom in order to guide them on the path of redemption.

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So much so that, in reality, the one who takes God’s place is the angel who always deserved it: Amenadiel. The first-born of the angels and the best warrior ends up being the successor of his father. That is why in the end it does not only show him taking the place he should be Lucifer, but also how he manages to combine his life in the Silver City with his life on earth.

Lucifer, Amenadiel and God.  Photo: (Netflix)

Lucifer, Amenadiel and God. Photo: (Netflix)

However, there is very little glimpse of what is happening to him now, but in one of the scenes Charlie, his son, takes his wings out for the first time. That is to say, This opens the doors for Netflix to now venture into a spin off of Amenadiel as God and teaching his only heir to be an angel. In turn, who would also have the possibility of expanding his story in this possible series would be Rory.

In any case, it should be noted that if this spin off was possible, Chloe would not be present, since she died in the last season, while she could only appear Lucifer and on a few occasions since he now has a life with his beloved in hell. Even so, the platform never confirmed this nor did it deny that the incursion into this character arrives, so now it only remains to wait.

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