Lucrative Professional Careers and Trades in Canada

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Best Job Prospects in Canada

A report by CLASS Education lists the best careers and jobs for the future in Canada. The most promising job fields include Information Technology, Cyber ​​Technology, Early Childhood Development, Care for Elderly, Vocational Trades, Chains of Supply, Business, Administration, Science, Marketing, as well as eCommerce. Amongst vocational careers and trades, cooks, electrical technicians, auto mechanics, painters, interior decorators, and welders are the most in-demand.

Shortage of Qualified Human Resources

Canada is currently experiencing a severe crisis of qualified human resources. While there are plenty of job opportunities available across all sectors, there is a huge deficit of qualified personnel. As per Bruno Perrón, president of CLASS Education, there is a need for over 260,000 new apprentices for vocational trades in the upcoming five years.

Unprecedented Strategy to Solve the Problem

The government of Canada has introduced an unprecedented strategy to combat the scarcity of qualified human resources. As part of this strategy, the government plans to train migrants willing to work and reside in Canada to meet the demand for short and medium-term professionals and tradespeople.

High-Paying Trades and Professional Careers

Some of the highest paying trades in Canada are Plumbing, Welding, Electrician Technician, Auto Mechanic, Carpentry, and Cooks. In terms of professional careers, the highest paying positions are Software Engineering Manager, Public Relations and Communications Managers, Engineering Manager, Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, and IT Manager. Please note that these salaries depend on the provinces and the level of experience of the professionals.

Advantages for Mexican Students

Students from Mexico who choose to study vocational careers in Canadian Colleges can enjoy various benefits under the country’s law for foreign students. For example, they can pursue a vocational course, diploma, or master’s degree lasting at least two years, and obtain benefits such as part-time work during full-time vacations. At the end of their studies, they can work for up to three years and apply for permanent residency. This gives them a huge competitive edge for professional training in Canada and the potential of eventual permanent residence that includes their spouses and children.

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Record Number of Mexican Students Expected by 2023

Bruno Perrón, President of CLASS Education, anticipates an unprecedented growth of Mexican students who dream of studying, living, and emigrating to Canada. This year, Canada is registering a robust growth of students, combining with Mexico’s dream to live in an inclusive country with high education and life quality standards. It will be interesting to see the number of new students registering from Mexico by the year 2023.

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