Lucy Vives sent men a message of respect for their sexual orientation

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Carlos Vives’ daughter recalled the kind of experiences she has had to live as part of the LGBTQ + community.

Some time ago, Lucy Vives announced to the world that she is a lesbian, which took the followers of the great vallenato benchmark with great surprise.

Like many people who belong to the LGBTQ + community, Lucy shared that she has received all kinds of uncomfortable comments from netizens. Especially men, who even dare to make him obscene invitations to “regain his heterosexuality.”

But to send them a message and try to prevent this from continuing, Lucy shared a forceful but simple video on her TikTok profile, referring to all those men who make her uncomfortable with their words.

Although that is not all, since he also mentioned what were his real motivations for posing in magazines aimed at a male audience and it was all to try to call attention to the violence that women experience from that same audience.

Details in the video above.

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