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Super Mario Bros. The Movie: Director Explains Why Luigi Is The New Damsel In Distress

Super Mario Bros. has been a staple in the world of gaming for over three decades. But when the movie adaptation hit theaters in 1993, it received a lukewarm reception from fans and critics alike. One of the biggest criticisms directed at the film was the portrayal of Luigi as a damsel in distress.

However, in a recent interview with , the film’s director, Rocky Morton, explained why Luigi played such a role in the movie.

“We wanted to create a story that was different from the games,” Morton said. “We wanted to give each of the characters a unique arc that would make them stand out from their game counterparts.”

To achieve this, Morton and his co-director, Annabel Jankel, decided to make Luigi the “damsel in distress” character, a role typically reserved for female characters in adventure movies.

“We wanted to flip the damsel in distress trope and see how it would work with a male character,” Morton said. “Luigi was the perfect fit for that role. He’s always portrayed as the younger, more vulnerable brother, so it made sense for him to be the one who needed rescuing.”

Despite the backlash the film received for its portrayal of Luigi, Morton and Jankel stand by their decision, saying that it added depth and nuance to the character.

“It was a bold choice, but we wanted to take risks and do something different,” Jankel said. “Luigi may have been the one needing rescuing, but he was also the one who ultimately saved the day in the end. It was a great moment for his character.”

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While Super Mario Bros. The Movie may not have been a hit with audiences, it’s interesting to see how the filmmakers tried to reinvent the characters and create something new for the big screen.

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