Luis de Llano defiantly refuses apology to Sasha Sökol and prepares to challenge verdict

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Luis de Llano Denies Offering Public Apology to Sasha Sokol

Sasha Sokol made an announcement on May 10 that Luis de Llano had been sentenced for non-pecuniary damage after violating her dignity, physical integrity, privacy, and honor by having a love relationship when she was only 14 years old and he was 39. However, the Gossip No Like program revealed that the reality may be different.

According to the show, the music producer denied carrying out any actions that Sasha had stated, including offering a public apology, refraining from talking about what happened, and paying compensation. Luis instead revealed that he is currently appealing the sentence and accused the singer of committing a serious offense.

He stated, “Very soon I will contact you and we do it with great pleasure. Currently, we supposedly have a confidentiality contract that she is not respecting, but I do respect the law, and the case is not over yet, there are appeals, I really appreciate your words.”

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, the owners of Chisme No Like, stated that Luis’s message indicates that he will not offer a public apology to Sasha for now because he is looking for a way to revoke the sentence.

Sasha Sokol has not yet commented on this new information released by the program. The story continues to unfold as the court case moves forward with appeals and ongoing legal proceedings.

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