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Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro: why it is impossible for them to do a duet despite rumors – MAG.

Two of the most recognized artists worldwide and who have garnered countless awards over the years are Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro, who through their songs have conquered thousands of people. Although both are representatives of Mexican music, they have never been seen singing together and that would seem to be something impossible due to the position of the interpreter of “La bikina”.

The so-called “Sun of Mexico”, Luis Miguel, He is a singer born in Puerto Rico but who over time managed to establish himself as one of the most representative artists in Mexico.

The singer has stood out for having in his career great songs in funk style, pop, ballads, boleros, tangos, jazz, big band and mariachi. His beginnings in music date back to 1980 in Mexico.

Throughout his career he has managed to get more than 120 awards due to his musical successes and albums that he has published. Among this, it stands out having received a Grammy at the age of 14 and at 26 he obtained a star on the Hollywood walk at the age of 26.

Over the years he received more awards and recognitions and currently has an autobiographical series called “Luis Miguel, the series” which is transmitted by the Netflix streaming platform and starring actor Diego Boneta.

Another of the singers who is considered an icon in Mexico is Cristian Sainz Castro, son of the famous actress Veronica Castro and Manuel Valdés “El loco”. As you highlighted, is that he is the nephew of Ramón Valdés who played Don Ramón in the comedy program “Chespirito”.

From the age of 16 he began his singing studies with Seth Riggs as a teacher, recognized for training the voice of Michael Jackson and Emilio Pérez Casas. In 1991 he had to sell his car to record his debut album “Agua nueva”. Success is evident from this production “Will not be able”.

As the years passed, the singer garnered more successes and awards. On the other hand, in 2003 he married Gabriela Bó but they divorced in July 2004 in Miami. In 2005 he reconciled with Valeria Liberman.

The Netflix series also touches on one of the themes that for many is unknown and has to do with the rivalry of “El Sol de México” with Cristian Castro, who also continues his musical career.

Although the fans of both singers have dreamed of a musical duo between the artists, this has not been possible for several years and everything would point to the fact that the one who would not have yielded to it is Luis Miguel.

In the Netflix series during its third chapter you can see that a new character appears and that the protagonist is not to the liking. Is about Cristian Valdes, alluding to Cristian castro. Said production also reveals the discontent of “El Sol de México” due to the fact that it no longer appears in the first places of popularity and, on the other hand, Valdés as an outstanding artist.

To this is added that the artists ended their friendship due to a fact that has been made known recently. Through an interview for the Argentine program “We can talk”, Cristian castro He referred to this issue and it would be discussed because they both liked the Cuban model Daisy Fuentes. Is so Luis Miguel He commented that he had been offended from that moment by generating this enmity.

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