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Luis Miguel behaves “arrogant and despotic” with his family

A paternal aunt of the singer, Rosa Barbarito, does not express herself well about her nephew.

An aunt of Luis Miguel mentions details of the singer’s life, and does not like his behavior towards them, since she describes him as ‘arrogant and despotic’ with his family.

Mrs. Rosa Barbarito, who was the wife of Mario Vicente Gallego, brother of Luisito Rey, father of Luis Miguel, in an interview did not express herself very well about her in-law nephew: “His problems began when he was an artist. He is a bit arrogant and a despot towards his family ”.

Mrs. Barbarito confirms the addiction problems that the Sun has had throughout her life: “Yes, she has had them (addiction problems).”

As for the singer’s mother, her aunt assures that in her relationships as a couple, she looks for the maternal image: “In women she is looking for the figure of Marcela”, and thinks that for Luis Miguel it was very hard to understand the separation of his parents , especially his mother, whose whereabouts were no longer known.

The series about the singer’s life has just premiered on Netflix, so Luis Miguel will be on the lips of many for a while.

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