Luis Miguel | Selena: VIRAL PHOTO of the singers is all the rage in the networks and would reveal a relationship between them

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The premiere of ‘Selena: the series’ on December 4, 2020 on the streaming service Netflix It captivated thousands of fans of the singer who had been waiting for this biopic for a long time. Seeing her, played by Christian Serratos, many viewers reacted in various ways and led them to recall painful moments, such as the interview where Yolanda Saldívar confesses why he murdered her.

With three days in the foreground of the platform, it reached the top of the most watched quickly. This series tells her story and that of her family, from its beginnings to becoming the queen of Tex-Mex music. It has a great cast made up of Ricardo Chavira, Seidy Lopez, Gabriel Cavarria, Noemi Gonzalez, Julio Macias, Jesse Posey, Hunter Reese Pena, Carlos Alfredo Jr., Paul Rodriguez, Erika Buenfil and David Fernandez Jr.

We are facing one of the great artists of Mexican music and of all Latin America, so social networks echoed a particular photo that went viral among users for being related to another great star. This is an image of Luis Miguel and Selena together, in which the singers look very young and smiling in front of the camera, wearing very casual clothes. Do not miss it!

The photograph was published by the mother of the actress Ana de la Reguera in March 2018, but being two of the great personalities that became relevant in recent times for their series on Netflix, fans shared it and it became a rage on Twitter, where they wondered if there was a relationship between them. Officially not confirmed, but claim there may have been a hidden story.

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The exact date and place of the image are not entirely specific, but in the publication they commented that it may be at one of the festivals in Acapulco, while others only appreciated having that postcard. The truth is that we know that at some point these two great artists of Latin music got together and fans can enjoy it through photography.

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