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The last and third season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, The actor Diego Boneta spoke with different international media and revealed some details of his character in the successful bioseries of the Netflix platform.

In an interview for the Millennium of Mexico, Boneta pointed out that the series will show the darkest stage of the Mexican celebrity. In addition, the 30-year-old interpreter confessed that it was difficult for him to embody Luis Miguel in his 50-year stage.

“The most difficult thing was to get out of Luis Miguel at 50 years old, the characterization is crazy and there are six hours a day of application and everything, but it is not just the characterization, there is an acting, psychological, emotional work of putting yourself in those situations or imagine being in those situations and he is the darkest Luis Miguel and at his lowest point that we have seen in all seasons. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done acting, by far ”, declared the actor for Millennium.

Diego Boneta stressed how important it was for him to interpret the little-known life of Luis Miguel and he hopes that with his role he can stop with some false theories about the life of ‘El Sol de México’.

“The joke of the seasons and of the characters was to show what people have not seen, what is not on YouTube, what is not on stage, that is what humanizes these characters. After these three seasons I feel with this enormous gratitude ”, express.

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Boneta mentioned that in the third season they will talk about the creation of “Luis Miguel, the series”, something that has not been done in any other bioseries.

“What makes me more interesting is the series within the series because narratively it is something that I have not seen in any other biopic and I think it is very interesting because I love that in this series you see the lowest point in his career and the highest point, that’s what I like the most ”, revealed.

Finally, Boneta was grateful for giving life to the interpreter of successful songs that marked more than one generation, Luis Miguel. A character who opened the doors to internationalization.

“I never expected that this series would change my life the way it changed it and that people would receive it this way and it is incredible”, said.

“It is really an honor for me, I am very excited that this last season is coming out, I love that there is a dynamic and a relationship where Luis Miguel is not the dominant one that we have seen in all seasons and in this season he is different. we went to the opposite side of what we already showed, to go for what has not been seen “, he concluded.

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