Luis Miguel: the times he almost died in plane crashes

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Luis Miguel: the times he almost died in plane crashes

Luis Miguel has been on everyone’s lips since his biographical series premiered on Netflix. The first two seasons of fiction have shown aspects of the personal and family life of “Sol de México”, as well as his way to the top of musical success.

Fans of Mexican interpreter They have known his controversial romances, the disappearance of his mother Marcela Basteri, his family conflicts, who have been in his closest environment and how he rose professionally to become a world-famous star.

However, “Luis Miguel, the series” He has not shown the singer’s entire life and there are intimate moments that they have not wanted to make public like the times he almost lost his life. Yes, the “Sun of Mexico” almost died in plane accidents and here we tell you what they were.

Luis Miguel has been close to death on several occasions, difficult moments that he remembers to this day. The interpreter of “I have everything except you” lived the terrible experience in two plane accidents that almost drowned out the voice of the Mexican singer.


In November 1995, Luis Miguel almost died after his private plane had problems landing at the Guadalajara airport. The singer was arriving in Guadalajara from Acapulco when the tragic moment occurred.

The show program “Ventaneando” showed some details about one of Luismi’s most mysterious events. The accident happened at 3:00 p.m. when the pilot of the jet registration XA-MLIK, from Acapulco and with 5 people on board, notified the control tower that he had problems with the landing gear.

“To slow down the 4-kilometer runway, the pilot made the plane turn in a zigzag, the engines caught fire and the jet crashed into the cyclonic mesh”, is heard in the report of the “Ventaneando” program.

Carlos Ruiz, José Pérez’s attorney, who at that time was Luis Miguel’s manager and was with him on that plane, gave details of this tragic day and how they managed to get off the plane.

“As the aircraft collapsed, Luis Miguel tries to open the main door and cannot because the fuselage is collapsed. José wants to open the emergency door with the handle and it doesn’t work either, he had to give it a few knocks, ”he said.

Finally, the interviewee revealed that José fractured his shoulder and clavicle, but managed to get out of the plane, jump and open the outside so that the first one to come out was Luis Miguel.


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