Luis Miguel: what happened to his luxurious yacht that served as a refuge in Miami

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From the age of 11, Luis Miguel He began an extensive artistic career that has made him one of the most powerful men in Mexico. The interpreter of “The unconditional” has worked hard and as a result of his successful musical career, has accumulated a fortune valued at 180 million dollars, according to the site . Among his various properties around the world, there was one that caught the attention of many, the famous yacht SKY.

National media say that the success of the first season of his bioseries has earned him $ 5 million. Although this data has not been officially confirmed, there is no doubt that the production of Netflix revived his career and put him back in the public eye. Luis Miguel was the first Mexican to break a record of 5 billion downloads in Spotify.

The popular ”Luismi” is no stranger to the eccentricities of his colleagues and like many of them added to his properties a lavish yacht which he named SKY. In 2016, the boat was confiscated by the United States government, due to the failure to pay the rent of the Navy in the city of Miami, Florida.

According to the magazine , the singer paid more than 120 thousand dollars to have back his precious SKY, in addition to being up-to-date in its maintenance. This is how in the following years the luxurious boat welcomed various guests or served as a place of relaxation until 2020, when the ”Sun of Mexico” decided to sell it for 2.6 million dollars.

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The Mexican program stated that on March 25, 2020, the 51-year-old interpreter was seen for the last time on board the ship with his brother Alexander Basteri, with whom it is said the confinement passed through the COVID-19. There is no doubt that the singer enjoyed the facilities of the majestic yacht in good company.

The famous SKY It is a 2013 model of the brand Azimut 84 Flybridge, which was renewed for commercialization. According to the photos published for sale, the ship includes a round Jacuzzi, a spacious terrace with a dining area for eight people and a beautiful half-moon sofa that invites you to enjoy the atmosphere.

It also includes a wet bar with a refrigerator, sink and a magnificent grill area that adds to the attractiveness of the boat. According to national media, the Mexican music producer would have set his sights on a more recent model of the same brand, the 2019, which contains five infrared security cameras, a modern audio and video equipment valued at 200 thousand dollars. The price of the new yacht is $ 6.4 million.

The port of Acapulco, Guerrero, is the place that the singer has chosen as a refuge to avoid the contagion of COVID-19. As reported by the magazine , ‘‘Mickey” would be going through a strong emotional crisis caused by the confinement and the drop in the rating of the second season of his bioseries released last June.

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