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LLuis Arturo Villar, the worldwide influencer known as Luisito Communicates, continues to add businesses to its list of ventures. The Mexican not only lives from the videos posted by YouTube, where he has more than 36 million subscribers, but also from other businesses. The most recent is your restaurant peruvian food fusion and here we tell you the details of the letter.

Luisillo El Pillo or El gordillo, as they also say, with the money he has earned from his work as a content creator, he has made investments in various sectors. He has his clothing store El Rey Palomo, which he shows off in his videos.

She also has a tequila brand, a Japanese restaurant, a jewelry brand, a telephone service, and has written a book about her travels. Just for its YouTube channel, valued at 10 million dollars, it is estimated that it has an annual income of 4 million dollars. Without a doubt, he is the influencer with the best salary. What a rich piece of information!

On August 31, Luisito Comunica excitedly announced the opening of his new restaurant in Mexico City called Bolichera21, which is of Peruvian fusion food, attracting the attention and arousing the curiosity of its millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

One of those followers was the content creator, known as ‘Soymonter’, who went to the site to find out the dishes and their prices, which are mostly similar to those that can be found in an average restaurant in Lima.

In a video uploaded on Tik Tok, he recounted his experience. He said that an imported Inca Kola soda in a can cost him 105 Mexican pesos (21.58 soles or 5.27 dollars), whose average price in Lima is S / 3.50. He also bought a pisco sour and paid 149 pesos (S / 30 soles or US $ 7.47) for it, a reasonable price.

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The influencer asked for a stuffed potato that cost him 140 pesos (S / 28.8 soles or US $ 7.02) and then ordered a mixed ceviche for which he paid 220 pesos (S / 45.22 or US $ 11.04) and a tiradito for 195 pesos (S / 40.08). or US $ 9.78).

To close with a flourish, he asked for a grilled octopus, the most expensive of his entire order, for which he paid 350 Mexican pesos (S / 71.94 or US $ 17.56). Adding a dessert, picarones, and an additional beer, the influencer paid a total of 1,670 Mexican pesos (S / 343.27 or US $ 83.78). The visitor left happy and said that the service is excellent, the dishes are very good and that it is worth it.

During the Yordi Rosado program on YouTube, Luisito Comunica recounted the jobs he did before becoming an internet celebrity. That is how he remembered the time he was a tailor’s assistant and teacher.

“Since I was a child, 14-15 years old, I worked in my father’s and my grandfather’s tailor shop. (…) They paid me 50 pesos a day, which was full of eggs, very good money. It was terrific because it depended on me how many days a week to go to work “the content creator recalled.

“Other jobs that I got to have … It’s not like I started with YouTube and now, obviously it was a process. I started with YouTube at 19, when I was going to university: I would upload my homework, my work and I began to realize that people outside of me saw it “added.

Luisito also recalled that he served as a teacher for two years in a school for expelled children. The famous youtuber taught English and other subjects for young people.

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