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Luke Wilson was unsure about his role in Kevin Costner's 'Horizon'

Luke Wilson was unsure about his role in Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon’

Luke Wilson wasn’t entirely sure if he had secured the role. The actor, slated to star in Kevin Costner’s new Western “Horizon,” found himself a bit perplexed during his meeting with Costner in the casting process. In an interview published Friday by People, Wilson shared the details of their interaction.

Wilson was on location in New Jersey, while Costner was in Utah working on “Horizon.” They connected via Zoom, which Wilson perceived as a job interview. “I considered it a job interview. He might have known that he was hiring me. I didn’t,” Wilson explained. Despite the uncertainty, Wilson hoped to make a good impression.

As a longtime fan of Costner, Wilson felt a mix of intimidation and excitement during their conversation. “I was just trying to put my best foot forward with Kevin and talk to him about the script,” he said. However, a moment of confusion arose when Costner expressed his hope for Wilson to join the project. “(Costner) said, ‘Well, I hope you’ll want to come work with me.’ And I was just kind of sitting there,” Wilson recalled. It suddenly dawned on him that Costner had just offered him the job.

This unexpected offer caught Wilson off guard, leaving him momentarily speechless. Eventually, he managed to respond with an enthusiastic, “Oh. Hell yeah, hell yeah.” And that’s how his journey on “Horizon” began.

In the film, Wilson portrays Matthew Van Weyden. Known for his roles in dramas and a few low-budget Westerns, Wilson found this Wild West epic to be a unique experience. Reflecting on his varied filmography, he mentioned his participation in the 2015 comedic Western “Ridiculous 6” with Adam Sandler. “But yeah, I certainly had never done anything like this,” he said. Being part of “Horizon” was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for him.

Wilson also reflected on the ambitious nature of Costner’s four-part film series. The project came with significant financial challenges. Costner previously disclosed that the initial two films required more funding than the $38 million he had personally invested. Despite these financial pressures, Wilson observed Costner’s unwavering focus during the Utah shoot. “I’m sure he was thinking about putting up his land to help finance it and other stuff he had going on,” Wilson told USA TODAY. “But he just focused on the work. The guy is cool under pressure. I couldn’t believe it.”

Contributing by Bryan Alexander

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Luke Wilson didn’t know if he was cast in Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon’

Source: USA Today, People