Lupillo Rivera and his unfortunate response to Christian Nodal after controversy over Belinda’s tattoo

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For a couple of weeks, Lupillo Rivera Y Christian Nodal messages have been sent between their press conferences and social media. As it is remembered, Rivera commented that he had a fleeting relationship with Belinda before she announces her romance with Nodal.

Thus, Rivera responded to what was said by the fiancé of Belinda after he learned that the Mexican singer removed the tattoo of the Spanish woman’s face on his arm.

It should be noted that Nodal said “pig” to Rivera, but it would be a mistake, as he would have said “pig” instead of “body.”

However, Rivera would not have taken those words in the best way and in a video his fiancee is heard telling him about the answer.

“They sent me this video that according to Nodal told you pig, look at it”, he pointed. “No fart, man, this bato and I already know that I ate first at the table”added Lupillo Rivera.

Immediately, the followers of Belinda they questioned the way in which Lupillo Rivera referred to her. What’s more, they called him misogynistic and macho in his comments on Instagram.

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