Lupillo Rivera confirmed his complaint against Mayeli Alonso

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Officially, the confrontation between the ex-partner will now take a legal course.

This weekend, Lupillo Rivera had a presentation in Los Angeles after taking a long time off the stage due to covid-19.

While he was leaving the place after his performance, the singer was approached by a large group of journalists to ask him if there are new details about his controversy with Mayeli Alonso, after the scandal where a man dropped his pants in front of his daughters.

But in addition, they also consulted him about whether he has made progress on the alleged complaint that he planned to impose on his ex-partner and his response was quite shocking: it is already imposed.

In addition, he highlighted the great helplessness he felt when he saw the images of the situation that his daughters had to face and that he hopes that everything will progress soon, since the legal processes are delayed by the pandemic.

Details in the video above.

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