Lupillo Rivera reveals what tattoo covers Belinda’s face today

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Lupillo Rivera's reaction to Belinda's commitment to Christian Nodal

Although Lupillo Rivera has preferred not to show his new acquisition officially, fans believe they have figured out what it is.

Lupillo Rivera decided to close once and for all the Belinda chapter that has been the central theme of all kinds of memes and jokes when news about the singer and Christian Nodal is released.

And it is that the announcement of their courtship, the signs of affection, as well as their recent engagement always end up falling on Lupillo’s shoulders. If the interpreter had not made that big tattoo of Beli’s face, perhaps, the story would be different.

Thus, just over two years after having shouted his love and devotion for Belinda, ensuring that that tattoo would not move, Rivera preferred to desist from his intention and cover it completely.

With what? That is the great mystery that the singer has not wanted to show officially, perhaps with the intention of not being the focus of jokes on social networks again.

His tattoo artist, Antonio Morales, told Come the joy It took almost three hours to cover Belinda’s face. However, he did not want to give details about the final result.

“… we opted to cover everything with a figure in black. In particular I cannot say how it was or what I tattooed it …”, he said.

Of course, neither Morales nor Lupillo expected fans to do their own research. The details, in the video above.

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