Lyn May Says She Doesn’t Know Bad Bunny

Lyn May likes to speak out on trendsetting issues because in a recent meeting with several media the singer and vedette talked about Bad Bunny.

Although he first noted that he would like to collaborate musically with the interpreter of the song Gasolina, Daddy Yankee.

Asked if she would like to see Bad Bunny at any of his next concerts in Mexico, Lyn said no “because there are no tickets anymore and in the second I will be recording too.”

Then, the famous said that she does not know the popular reggaeton singer: “What does he do? I don’t know him,” he said. And he added with a laugh: “Do you drink very well or what?”

Likewise, Lyn said that she takes great care of covid-19: “Right now I took a bath in disinfectant, now instead of Chanel I use alcohol so that it does not stick to me.”

“With this pandemic I don’t feel like anything more than working. I think everyone already knows it, what don’t they know about me? I don’t even remember how many romances I had anymore,” he said of a possible series about his life.

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