Mac & i 6/2021 now in stores

Mac & i 6/2021 is now available in well-stocked newsagents – and of course still in the Heise Shop – optionally on Paper (initially even free shipping) or as PDF. The topics:

Many valuable recordings have accumulated on the iPhone over the years. If the device is lost or broken, they are gone. With a photo cloud service, you can back up the images centrally, manage them easily and share them if you wish. We compare the nine most important photo cloud providers – iCloud Photos, Amazon Photos, Degoo, Google Photos, Flickr, SmugMug, MagentaCloud, OneDrive and Dropbox. Others have advantages over Apple, and you can often get started for free.

But you can also do it without a cloud service and subscription: with network storage at home. In order to be able to back up valuable iPhone photos centrally and distribute them from there, many providers of NAS devices offer their own solutions and associated iOS apps. Mac & i shows how to set this up.

If your documents fit only with difficulty on the Mac, iPhone / iPad or iCloud, good advice is expensive. Small tricks or tools often help to create more space. And with a well-considered storage strategy, you can prevent future memory shortages or even the purchase of a new device. Tidy up your Mac with the integrated memory management, delete unused data, programs and similar or duplicate photos, uninstall programs and leftovers. It can also help offload large apps, move libraries of music and photos to another drive, or back up iPhone and iPad backups externally. Mac & i shows you how to do it – and a lot more.

The new issue also focuses on how to identify and eliminate the biggest waste of space on your iOS device. After all, it is much more difficult to expand the storage space on the iPhone or iPad. Mac & i provides first aid if the internal SSD overflows, shows how you can outsource large apps, remove locally stored music and podcasts, search through file apps, empty caches (and when that doesn’t work), optimize the space requirements of messengers, a Find a solution for photos or just connect additional storage.

After all, the new edition is dedicated to tidying up the iCloud, because that too will be full at some point, and then you don’t necessarily have to take out a more expensive subscription. It is often sufficient to remove app data, move or evaporate photos or exclude apps from the iCloud backup. Mac & i also reveals how to switch to another cloud service.

In the test, the MacBook Pros with 14 “and 16” show how well the new processors, the 120 Hz displays, MagSafe 3, new interfaces and the 1080p webcam are doing. And why they’re the MacBooks Pro users have been waiting for.

With the M1 Pro and M1 Max, Apple has widened all the bottlenecks of the first M1. The processors clearly show what will be important in future Macs: Intel is not only attacking more and more CPU cores, but faster GPUs and massive data throughput. In a background article, Mac & i sheds light on how ingenious the engineers were.

Apple took five years to give the hugely popular AirPods a real update. Now it’s here: the sound, design and functions have been redesigned. Our test clarifies whether the third generation of true wireless earplugs can convince.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 offers a larger screen and an on-screen keyboard. Otherwise, the manufacturer relies primarily on the tried and tested. Mac & i clarifies who will benefit from the purchase and who can skip it.

From disposable addresses in Apple Mail to screen sharing with SharePlay to AirTag scanners and inheritance contacts: Apple is adding many useful and, in some cases, eagerly awaited functions for the iPhone, iPad and Mac with the upcoming system updates to iOS 15.2 and macOS 12.1. Our tips reveal how you can benefit from the new features.

Practical functions of iOS make moving to a new iPhone a lot easier. However, there are pitfalls that can lead to data loss or even prevent your banking transactions. Mac & i has compiled the most important information so that you can switch to a new device without any problems.

The free Office apps Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPhone, iPad and Mac have been refreshed – and Apple has added useful new functions to the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program. You will learn, among other things, how to integrate multiple video streams in Keynote and how to use network diagrams and pivot tables in Numbers.

In order to create your own font, you don’t have to develop a comprehensive design concept, dig deep into technical fundamentals or invest a lot of money in software: BirdFonts is even free of charge. In the first part of the workshop, Mac & i shows you how to get started and how to create symbols.

Your old Mac is still purring, but is no longer receiving security updates and cannot be upgraded to a current macOS? Then extend his life without having to forego the look and feel of macOS: Get him back on the road with Manjaro Linux. It doesn’t hurt and is even fun.

The Developer’s Corner is once again about SwiftUI: Together with Xcode 13, the framework receives a multitude of exciting innovations. Some of them also provide developers with previously sorely missed functions. Thomas Sillmann shows developers how they can benefit from the improvements.

There are just as many current versions of Apple’s iPad as there are of the iPhone, but with even greater differences in technology and prices. In addition, there are the previous versions that can still be used with the latest iPadOS, which are used or partially new. Our purchase advice gives the details and gives guidance on the purchase.

Software doesn’t have to cost a lot of money: Mac & i has fished 28 applications out of the sea of ​​free tools that make working with the Mac more pleasant and convenient. For example, they tidy up the menu bar, expand the quick look preview or offer faster access to frequently used functions. Many tools even do something similar to paid programs.

Not only developers and web designers work with Markdown, the format is also useful for writing text: If you mark headings, lists and boldface directly in the text, you work faster and more flexibly than in Pages or Word. The new Mac & i.

Apple introduced the app data protection report with iOS 15. It was used to find out how often which apps request sensitive information and to which internet services they transmit it. But exporting and interpreting the data was tedious. iOS 15.2 now has an easy-to-understand interface for it. We show you how you can use it to track down unwanted analysis and tracking activities from apps.

Six years after the introduction of HomeKit, Apple still hasn’t reached the status of a perfect solution. However, there are more product categories, practical enhancements like Thread, Adaptive Light, Secure Routers, Secure Cameras, HomeKey, Intercom, and a slew of new HomeKit products that Mac & i editors have put the most interesting ones to the test.

Speaking of HomeKit: A new standard should allow smart home devices to work together across all platforms: Matter will soon also be moving in at Apple with an update, and the first devices will appear next year. Mac & i reveals what’s behind Matter.

As always, the new edition also contains a lot of tips and tricks, tests of apps, accessories and games. Mac & i Heft 6/2021 can also be read in the browser as PDF or prepared for reading iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire in the Mac & i apps. Subscribers already hold it in your hands, and Plus subscribers have the paper and the digital edition, which is enriched with bonus material, interactive reading mode and search function.

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