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Mac & i issue 4/2021 is now available in well-stocked newsagents. But you can also do it in Heise shop order – either on paper (free shipping until August 12th) or as a PDF. The topics:

At WWDC 2021 Apple again presented new operating systems with numerous improvements, more precisely macOS Monterey, iOS / iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15, which you can upgrade to in the fall. This time there are no major renovations, but a lot of detail care, for example when multiple Apple devices interact, multitasking and FaceTime, as well as data protection and security. Mac & i presents all the highlights, apart from the ones mentioned, it’s about Universal Control, Live Text, Translation, Visual Lookup, the new shortcut app, Messages and Focus, Safari, Siri, iCloud +, Messages and “Shared with you” in macOS, SharePlay, Maps, Photos, Notes with Quick Notes, Reminders, Where is ?, Wallet, Health, HomeKit, Apple ID and more.

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We have also highlighted the most important highlights that will also affect future apps in detail. In his background article, Markus Stöbe explains the technical background and also what changes for developers in each case.

There hasn’t been a hardware update for the Apple TV for almost four years. Now the manufacturer has added or improved some functions without increasing the price. But do the innovations make the change from the 2017 to the 2021 hardware necessary? For picture-in-picture, white balance and conference room mode – some of the improvements in the new Apple TV 4K – you don’t even need to buy a new device, you just install the latest tvOS on your Apple TV from HD. The set-top box has received many interesting innovations in recent years. Mac & i has compiled 31 practical tips for all younger Apple TV generations, including calibration, using multiple headphones at the same time (e.g. for Dolby Atmos in films), simplifying text input, apps and music, HomeKit and the Save electricity.

Every child can master standard tasks in the Finder for opening or renaming documents and folders. With a few practical tricks and terminal tricks, you can get a lot more out of the macOS file center. Mac & i has compiled a total of 14 tips and tricks for the Finder that hardly anyone knows, for example for the sidebar, the recycle bin, windows, the library folder or hidden files. Mac & i also shows how you can use the old display of the title bar again, show more recently used folders in dialogs, adjust the icon size of the sidebar, list recently visited folders or eject volumes without confirmation.

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Even if the corona pandemic in Germany gives us a breather, the number of video conferences will remain high. With our tips we give suggestions on how to use a virtual camera and special programs for a more impressive appearance. For example, you can replace your face with an avatar, use green screen effects to display other backgrounds, let the camera follow your head movements, use a belly band for text overlay or share an iOS screen in conferences.

Apple’s system application Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad (and soon also macOS) not only enables automation: Shortcuts can replace entire iOS apps. There are hundreds of ready-made shortcuts to download on the net, but many of them are rather small, not quite finished or not convincing in every respect. The 26 practical shortcuts we selected for iOS and iPadOS edit pictures, provide additional weather information, download videos for offline sessions and more. With a little crafting instinct, you can adapt them to your taste.

A big advantage of the new M1 Macs is that they can run iPhone and iPad apps. Even if not all of them have been approved by their developers and not every mobile app is suitable for desktop computers, the range is huge. Mac & i has put together recommended programs that you should try out and give a few tips on how to use them.

If Cmd + F is not enough: Searching is likely to be one of the most frequent actions you carry out on your computer. However, if you want to find specific patterns such as dates or repetitions of words, the usual search and replace functions usually have to work. Not so in applications that use regular expressions. Mac & i helps you get started.

This time the Developer’s Corner brings part 2 of the article on debugging in Xcode. Learn how you can use the LLDB environment to interrupt your program at specific points, examine it and analyze the program structure.

Fitness watches want to accompany us during training with music, to motivate us to exercise more in everyday life and to warn us if we overdo it and the pulse skyrockets. The Apple Watch is the number one priority for many, but it is worth making a comparison. Mac & i made it and compared seven smartwatches from 130 euros to each other and the Apple Watch, namely Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Sense, Garmin Venu 2s, Huawei Watch Fit, Huawei Watch 3 Pro, Polar Vantage M2 and Polar Vantage V2. What also surprised us: There are a lot of things that others do better.

The M1 processor has already proven its power in the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and, most recently, in the iMac. Now Apple has built the same chip, including Thunderbolt, into its fastest iPads – and has improved a lot more. Mac & i took a close look at the new Pro models.

If you want to use the iPad Pro in as many areas as possible, accessories help to expand and protect it functionally. With our selection of docks, hubs, keyboards, cases, foils, car chargers and stands, there is something for everyone.

Games from the cloud: Game streaming services like Stadia or GeForce Now want to become the Netflix for gaming. Over the Internet, they make it possible to play even modern 3D games for Windows on a dusty Mac or iOS device. That’s technically impressive, but can it replace a console or gaming PC? Mac & i looked at what to think of cloud gaming on Apple devices.

For some time now there have been more and more offers to subscribe, lease or rent the latest Macs, iPhones and iPads. In addition, there is short-term rent for events, training courses or trade fairs. When is what better than buying and what are the advantages of subscribing to or renting Macs and iOS devices?

For a small monthly fee, the Setapp service offers a flat rate with access to a wide range of applications for macOS and iOS. Mac & i has researched which strategy the provider is pursuing, how the service works for developers and when it pays off to take out a software subscription.

Dark clouds over Apple: So far, Cupertino has been able to fend off complaints from cartel guards all over the world with ease. A new political alliance in the USA is now serious about efforts to also put the iPhone company in its place. Apple’s app store monopoly actually appears to be falling. For users and developers, this means more freedom, but also a higher risk.

More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

As always, the new edition also contains a lot of tips and tricks, tests of apps, accessories and games. Mac & i Heft 4/2021 can also be read in the browser as PDF or prepared for reading iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire in the Mac & i apps. Subscribers already hold it in your hands, Plus subscribers even have the paper and digital edition, which is enriched with bonus material, interactive reading mode and search function, among other things.

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