Machine Learning in Production: Heise’s XXL webinar

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Machine Learning in Production: Heise's XXL webinar

The development of machine learning models is an exciting and challenging task. But after the model development comes the next complex step: the whole thing should go into production. The Heise webinar on December 7th conveys the topic in a practical manner and with many examples in four hours. Participants learn about the various challenges in production environments and shed light on possible solutions for versioning and repeated training of models with tools such as dvc, mlflow and airflow.

In the webinar, the expert Matthias Niehoff explains why data and experiment management is so important and how developers can set up a meaningful workflow orchestration. In addition, he presents a complete ML deployment process and discusses the greatest challenges and possible solutions with the participants. He is available to answer questions from the participants throughout the webinar and convey the knowledge in a playful way, with many examples and exercises. The participation in the webinar costs 139 €, the subsequent access to the recording and the materials is included.

In November and December, Heise offers the Webinar series machine learning in practice a practical introduction to the most important tools and techniques in the field of machine learning. On a total of five dates, participants can continue their education in the four-hour online training with many exercises and practical relevance.

The webinars have a duration of four hours and always take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you book all five appointments at the same time, you can save a lot with a discounted combination ticket for € 429 compared to individual sales. All participants can not only look forward to a lot of practice and interaction, but also receive all records and materials afterwards. additional Information can be found on the webinar series website.


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