Machine Learning: Theme days on Natural Language Processing and MLOps in the fall

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The Minds Mastering Machines developer conference is growing this year: In addition to the conference in May, the organizers are also judging heise.developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag two theme days in November 2021. The first on November 9th will be dedicated to language processing using Natural Language Processing, while the second on November 24th, under the heading MLOps, will show how a model can be efficiently brought into productive operation.

In the field of natural language processing, there have been great advances in recent years with language models such as BERT and processing via transformers. This makes language processing worthwhile for many areas of application in the company. the Lectures on the NLP day on November 9, 2021 deal with the following topics:

  • Transformer-based language models
  • Sentiment analysis with BERT
  • Find the right answers with Question Answering
  • Correct noisy data with weak supervision
  • Text creation with transformer models
  • Integrate NLP into data production

After the successful training and proof of concept, it is important to transfer the model to production and to monitor operation. Of the MLOps theme day on November 24th, 2021 helps along the way and shows the most important concepts and tools in the presentations:

  • From proof of concept to production
  • MLOps with your hand on your arm
  • Operate models with open source technologies
  • MLOps in the cloud
  • Field report: Is my model ready for production?
  • Industrial AI: life cycles and feedback loops

The tickets for the two theme days are available until October 18th (NLP) or until November 2nd (MLOps) at the early bird price of 149 euros each. The combined ticket for both days together costs 249 euros until October 18 (all prices plus 19% VAT).

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Two full-day workshops round off the program. On November 16, “BERT, Sprachmodelle und Transfer Learning” will provide a practical introduction to NLP, and on November 29, “MLOps – Overview, Methods and Technologies” will help you implement MLOps for your own projects. Participation in the workshop costs 449 euros each.

Anyone about the course of the Minds Mastering Machines and the associated theme days can be informed sign up for the newsletter or the organizers follow on twitter. The hashtag is #m3_2021.


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