Macron says that Europeans must stop being “naive” and that the EU must be independent from the US.

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The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, believes that Europeans must stop being “naive” and the European Union (EU) must be independent from the US, as he stated during a press conference held this Tuesday in Paris. they report local media.

“Europeans must stop being naive,” the president said. “The United States is a great historical friend and ally in terms of values, but for 10 years it has focused on it and has strategic interests that are reoriented to China and the Pacific,” he added.

“European strategic autonomy”

These statements were made after signing with the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a contract with which Paris will deliver three Belharra frigates to Athens. Macron considers that this agreement represents “a bold first step towards European strategic autonomy” that he advocates for the EU to become a world actor in military matters and independent of the support of the North American country.

According to the French president, the contract is produced within the framework of a “strategic partnership” deeper between the two nations to defend shared interests in the Mediterranean and strengthen the sovereignty of both countries.

For its part, Mitsotakis revealed that the recent agreement includes the option to acquire a fourth frigate of that type. He also indicated that Athens seeks to promote its alliance in defense matters to strengthen its armed forces.

Diplomatic crisis

In early September, Greece announced the acquisition of six Rafale fighters, amid tensions with neighboring Turkey, after completing an order for 18 such fighter jets last year, worth almost $ 3 billion.

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The news comes after France and the Naval Group abruptly lost the contract to manufacture 12 submarines for Australia after the formation of the AUKUS alliance along with the United States and the United Kingdom, triggering a diplomatic crisis with the European country.

Macron said the Australian submarine crisis will not change France’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific. “We have a million fellow citizens living in this region, and more than 8,000 soldiers deployed there,” said the president, referring to the presence of France in several overseas territories in the area.

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