Mad Max delayed the premiere of the movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy

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The difference between the first movie of Mad Max, released in 1979 with a Mel Gibson not so well known, and the one that came out in 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road, it is abysmal. Beyond which of the films in the saga is the best, the budget it had George Miller to make his last film in the franchise was immense. It is estimated that he spent between 150 and 185 million dollars to make this film that he distributed Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film headed by Charlize Theron and with the participation of Tom Hardy it became an outright success for a franchise that was considered, perhaps, more cultured. So the studio gave the green light to a new movie by Mad Max. The cast will be headed by Anya Taylor-Joy, of great present thanks to shows like Lady’s Gambit, and Chris Hemsworth. Theron, for its part, will not be and will be Taylor-Joy the one in charge of interpreting Angry in this prequel.

The film was expected to be released in June 2023, but today it was confirmed that fans of Mad Max and those who follow everything he does Anya Taylor-Joy they will have to wait a while longer. The prequel was moved from June 23, 2023 to May 24, 2024. Almost a year late for this fiction that will also have in its cast one of the figures of the moment, with steps by Watchmen and candy man, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Anya Taylor-Joy will be Furious. (Getty)

Angry, the title that this new movie of Max Max, will be the most expensive film in the history of the Australian film industry. It is reported that it will have a budget of 350 million Australian dollars (equivalent to almost 260 million US dollars), and will employ 850 people. Filming will begin next year in South Wales, based on a story written by himself. Miller.

The loss of one of the Mad Max figures

On December 2 of last year, fans of Mad Max they received the sad news that one of the figures in the saga had passed away. Hugh Keays-Byrne, who in the first film played Toecutter and in Fury Road it was Immortan Joe, died at the age of 73. The actor had confirmed that he had a contract to be in two more films than Mad Max.

immortan joe hugh keays-byrne

Immortan Joe became an icon of the saga. (Hugh Keays-Byrne)

With the departure of the Australian actor, the saga lost one of its favorite villains and great collaborators of Geroge Miller. It had not been part of the second and third films of the saga because he had quarreled with the director, but the videos of the filming of Fury Road They show him very happy to have returned to this iconic Australian franchise.

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