‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ Everything You Need to Know

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In 2015, “Mad Max: Fury Road” set the movie business on fire and roared its blazing shell across the desert when it was released. However, The Doof Warrior blasted his way into our souls six years ago, which seems like an eternity, especially when other franchise pictures are pumped out every couple of years. However, filmmaker George Miller has shown interest in making a sequel named Mad Max: The Wasteland, so take some breath now, and get into the old war vehicle to start the journey with us, as we go through everything we hear so far about the film.

Is The Sequel Confirmed?

“Mad Max 5: The Wasteland” was said to be in the works. Director George Miller was planning to begin production on the new action film in the autumn of 2020, after completing another film named “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” according to GWW. George Miller helmed all previous four Mad Max films, and he is now directing the fifth, though he is now 75 years old. The film that was really greenlit, instead of Wasteland, was “Mad Max: Furiosa,” a prequel featuring Anya-Taylor Joy in the role of Furiosa and starring Chris Hemsworth. In 2022, shooting on the film will commence in Australia.

There has been speculation about developing a sequel to Fury Road. It will follow “Mad Max: The Wasteland.” Considering how long it requires filmmaker George Miller to create these Mad Max films (decades in some instances), we doubt he will ever make Mad Max 5, even if a story has been prepared.

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Storyline Of Mad Max: The Wasteland

Mad Max: The Wasteland: Everything We Know So Far

Miller said in an earlier interview with FHM that he was working on two additional “Mad Max” projects at the moment: “Furiosa” and “The Wasteland.” When asked whether they will continue on from one another, he said:

“They’ll be tangentially linked. They’re all in the same world, but they won’t be direct sequels. During the huge delays on ‘Fury Road,’ we developed deep backstories from everything from weapons to vehicles to the Doof Warrior who plays the guitar.”

But, most likely, “The Wasteland” will continue to follow the exploits of Mad Max, a former policeman whose family was killed by a gang and who sought vengeance on those who are responsible for the horrific act. Since then, he has matured into a kind of archetypal Western hero, galloping into little towns and events, participating in action and cruelty, and then heading out towards the sunset after the dispute has been settled.

Where to Watch Mad Max: The Wasteland?

Because the film has yet to begin casting, it will most likely be several years before Mad Max returns in “The Wasteland.” Fans of the series might take comfort in knowing that “Mad Max: Furiosa,” a prequel picture starring Anya Taylor-Joy, who played the titular character in “The Queen’s Gambit,” has a launch date: May 24, 2024. In reality, “The Wasteland” is so far away from the release that it is too early to predict how you will be able to see it.

When The Movie May Release?

Before a film is released, it passes through a number of problems, and the same thing occurs here. After the premiere of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” it is claimed that Miller’s production firm and Warner Bros. had a disagreement about an unpaid bonus. According to the agreement, Miller’s firm was supposed to get a $9 million incentive if the production budget was less than $157 million. As per Miller, it did, but the studio demanded costly reshoots, and as a result, scenes that had been removed due to financial constraints were added, bringing the ultimate budget to over $185 million. According to Miller, the studio was liable for the changes and extra costs, and the incentive should have been paid.

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On the other hand, the studio argues that their agreement was for a 100-minute, PG-13 feature, which Miller turned into a 120-minute R-rated film. As a result, the budget was increased. The film is still blocked as neither side of the business is willing to take a stand. Even if the deal is reached, Miller is unlikely to work with the studio again.

Cast And Crew of Mad Max: The Wasteland

Mad Max: The Wasteland Reportedly Greenlit And Set To Shoot This Fall - We  Got This Covered

Tom Hardy has signed a deal to feature in three more “Mad Max” films as of 2015. It is unknown when Hardy’s contract will expire, but he had a notoriously difficult time on the production of “Fury Road,” so it is questionable whether he will return to repeat the part as the character has already been recast once, so it would not be the end of civilization if he did not return. But do not hold your breath for Charlize Theron to reprise her role as Furiosa since Miller said that her role is “not in the ‘Mad Max’ [sequel] story.”

Since George Miller has directed every “Mad Max” picture to date, we think he will return to co-write the screenplay with Nick Lathouris and helm the movie. But, considering his age, he has also said that he would want to see other filmmakers, such as Guillermo del Toro, come into his sandbox and helm a “Mad Max” film, so something like that is also an option.

Last Thoughts Regarding Mad Max: The Wasteland

The most compelling reason to watch Mad Max: The Wasteland is that George Miller has a compelling narrative to present. It is not simply a blatant money grab by movie producers seeking to demonstrate quarterly growth in the aftermath of the predecessor’s box office success.

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