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Madison Beer Looks Stunning Without Makeup

Madison Beer appears just as stunning without any makeup on. In 2021, the “Reckless” singer bared her makeup-free face for Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” segment on YouTube, where she candidly discussed her relationship with beauty. “I actually never thought I was good at it, to be honest with you,” Beer revealed. “99% of my days, I don’t wear any makeup at all … I’m just too lazy to be frank.” She even didn’t mind zooming in on her pimples as she shared her daily skincare routine. Reflecting on her battle with severe acne, Beer emphasized that she doesn’t fret over a zit or two on her face anymore. “I’m like, you couldn’t even count the amount you had, so be grateful that it’s just one now,” she said.

On days she opts for makeup, the “More” hitmaker prefers a simple and natural look. She focuses on enhancing her natural beauty rather than changing her appearance. “I’m young and sometimes I can get carried away easily,” she confessed to Us Weekly in 2018. “[But] I feel like I always end up feeling happier when I’m more natural.” Even during photo shoots, Beer chooses a light makeup look, accepting her skin for what it is. “At first I’d be like, ‘What? You’re not gonna cover up my pimples?’ But it was empowering to be vulnerable like that,” she explained.

Source: Vogue, Us Weekly