Madness for La Casa de Papel: a company decrees a day off to see the premiere of the series

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It is a fact! It has not been released yet and The Money Heist is already causing a sensation around the world. Since it was known that the fifth season would be the last, the fans went crazy, especially when Netflix confirmed that this edition would be divided into two parts. Tomorrow, September 3, the first opens with five episodes, while the remaining five will be available only on December 3.

This time, the band must act fast. After 100 hours of confinement in the Bank of Spain, they have the arduous task of escaping from the Civil Guard, who surrounded them and in turn do so without the Professor. In the fourth season, Sergio, was captured by Inspector Sierra and now he also has to get his ace up his sleeve to be able to reach his group. And, with these premises, the fans are very attentive to what is to come.

So much so that, in certain parts of the world, they don’t want to miss it at all. Moreover, the clear example of this is India since it has just been learned that a company in that country has decreed a day off so that its employees can see it! The Verve Logic company issued a statement on behalf of its boss, Abhishek Jain declaring this Friday a holiday under the name “Netflix and Chill day”.

In the letter, which went viral through the official Netflix India account, the company invites its team to enjoy The Money Heist from the comfort of their homes. He also explains that this is the way they found to thank their team “the incredible spirit”With whom they have worked during the pandemic and how they accepted teleworking. In addition, the owner of Verve Logic also points out that after a time of stress “relaxing moments are the best energy pills for work”.

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Of course, the directive comes with a “things to do”In the form of planning for employees so that they can see all the episodes in a day ending at 9 at night. Although, as if this were not enough, the company also made a special request to the platform: like everyone else, they do not want the fifth season to be the last. Very boldly, they urgently request a new edition. And, to close this statement, the phrase was not missing: “beautiful hello, beautiful hello”.

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