Madonna has fun showing her buttocks on ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO) – MAG.

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The queen of pop, Madonna caused a stir during her presentation on the renowned program ‘The Tonight Show’ hosted by Jimmy Fallon, last Thursday night.

It all happened when Jimmy Fallon y Madonna, 63, were talking about the premiere of the documentary Madame X in the evening program. She emphasized that she hopes that with this documentary viewers will understand that “art is important in our lives”.

Artists are here to disturb the peace“, said Madonna, quoting writer James Baldwin, adding: “So, I hope I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon, but the peace of the people while watching the show, but I mean it. The best way”, He stressed.

Immediately, Madonna climbed onto Jimmy Fallon’s desk, he was shocked and pulled his jacket off to try to cover the ‘derrier’ of the Michigan-born singer. However, Madonna’s irreverence did not stop there.

Surprising the public, the viewers and the host himself, Madonna hiked up her skirt and showed her butt and pointed: “Nobody will see anything, by God”. At that moment, Jimmy covered his face with his jacket as the audience applauded.

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