Maduro: trade with Colombia will generate 2,000 million dollars this year

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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed this Friday that with the reopening of the border with Colombia, scheduled for September 26, 2,000 million dollars of commercial exchange will be generated in what remains of year.

“Just with the opening of the border this year, it is estimated that we could reach 2,000 million dollars of commercial exchange between Colombia and Venezuela,” the president said in a televised act.

Maduro said that this amount can be reached with the “high quality” products that Colombia will sell and those that Venezuela will put on the market, which has an “exportable offer.”

“It’s not like before, things have changed, how nice to have good relations with Colombia and be able to speak honestly, claim the glorious history that saw us born from the sword of the Liberator Simón Bolívar,” he added.

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, announced today that on September 26 there will be an “opening” of the border with Venezuela, with the resumption of air and cargo transport connections, one more step towards the full normalization of relationships that were broken in 2019.

“On September 26 we will open the border between Colombia and Venezuela. As a first step, the air connection and cargo transport between our countries will be resumed,” Petro detailed on his Twitter account (NYSE: TWTR ), at the time that Maduro announced it on the same social network.

In this way, the two presidents gave effect to the expectation created in the last Colombian presidential campaign, in which Petro promised the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Venezuela, and the consequent opening of the border.

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In the first weeks of the Petro government, both nations announced the reestablishment of relations and appointed ambassadors in Caracas and Bogotá, although Maduro asked that the long-awaited reopening “be slower” and safely, taking into account drug trafficking in area.

Petro appointed former senator Armando Benedetti to that position, while Maduro appointed former foreign minister Félix Plasencia, and both have already presented the respective credentials to the two leaders.

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