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'MAFS' Couple Whose Wedding Was Canceled Says 'I Do'

‘MAFS’ Couple Whose Wedding Was Canceled Says ‘I Do’

Longtime fans of “Married at First Sight” know that the journey to the altar can take several twists and turns. For one pair whose wedding was canceled, they ended up walking down the aisle years later. So, how did this all go down?

“Married at First Sight” changed the game when the franchise introduced the concept of marrying a stranger at the altar. While there were some wild dating concepts before MAFS, and while there have been some crazy dating concepts since, “Married at First Sight” was one of the pioneers to shift the landscape of what a dating show could be.

These days, you have shows like “Love Is Blind,” which borrows from the groundwork that “Married at First Sight” put in, especially in terms of not seeing your potential partner until you are officially engaged. Despite fans calling recent MAFS seasons lackluster and underwhelming, there’s no denying that the show changed the landscape of modern dating shows.

Because of the popularity of “Married at First Sight,” the show isn’t limited to just American audiences. In fact, the original concept came from a Danish show in 2013. These days, the franchise is well-known for the American version, which recently concluded Season 17 not too long ago. However, the franchise currently films around the globe as well.

One couple in particular, Paul Todd and Ally Todd, had their wedding axed due to the global pandemic. This MAFS couple from the UK was matched in 2020. The pair had a wedding date and everything, but their plans were dashed due to the pandemic.

American audiences are used to train wrecks when it comes to “Married at First Sight” marriages. This is especially true with the last season in Denver. However, when it comes to other countries, couples like Paul Todd and Ally Todd from the UK may have cracked the code in a way that most American singles haven’t.

After their initial wedding was off, Ally convinced “Married at First Sight” producers to let her meet Paul via Skype. The pair got to talking, and soon realized why the experts matched them in the first place. Not only was this a spark of a connection, but the pair even welcomed a daughter together in 2021.

Then, on June 8, 2024, more than four years after they had to cancel their initial “Married at First Sight” wedding, they walked down the aisle to make it official. For anyone cynical about the show or the validity of the matchmaking process, the experts in the UK certainly got it right when they put these two together.

Source: People