Magaly calls Tula a “lady” after her return to the stage as host of the huayno concerts

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Magaly medina used the first minutes of his program to criticize the return of Tula Rodríguez to the huayno concerts.

According to Medina, the presenter of “En boca de todos” lost enthusiasm in popular settings: “She is too careful and too lady, but I do not understand why she is taking a very popular stage. Look at the before and now, just dance “.

“I think he stomps better on his show than on stage. There they hired her to dance, but she did nothing. She is a lady, but who wants to see her like this. Everyone wants to see the Tula from before ”, added.

Finally, Magaly pointed out that Tula Rodríguez was “infected” by Maju Mantilla, her driving partner on América TV.

“I think a lot goes to Maju (Mantilla) and she got infected. She lost that attachment she had with the town and with the people ”, sentenced.

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