Magaly laughs at Pietro Sibille for airing his ex’s alleged infidelity: “Their privacy has become a circus”

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Magaly medina He used the first minutes of his program to refer to the publication that Pietro Sibille made on Instagram, where he pointed out that Andrea Luna had been unfaithful to him with the actor Andrés Wiese.

The host commented that Pietro always “denied” the show business and finally became the cover of the different entertainment media due to his own actions.

“Things exploded and Pietro Sibille said that Andrea Luna was unfaithful to him with the ‘imbecile’ Andrés Wiese. Our ‘magpies’ from Miami sent us these pictures of them both having fun and ‘plating’ weeks ago. At that time we wondered if they would have finished, but the truth is just known “Medina commented at first.

“It seems that only now Pietro Sibille gave him an attack of sincerity and confessed on social networks. Those social networks that he criticized ”, added.

Finally, Medina indicated that Pietro Sibille was responsible for making his privacy public for having downloaded his anger on social networks.

“He said that no one should air their privacy on social networks and that he did not have to make a show or a circus out of his life hahaha … All your privacy has become a real circus because he caused it”, concluded.

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