Magaly Medina criticizes ‘America hoy’ for treating Melissa Paredes: “With this they finished her off” – MAG.

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Show host Magaly Medina criticized the way they treated Melissa Paredes on the program ‘América hoy’, which the actress was conducting before being protected by kissing with her dancer Anthony Aranda.

The journalist assured that they did not advise her and took her like a beef to the slaughterhouse, despite the fact that in the past the drivers assured that they were friends and treated each other with affection.

They played to have rating … They told her we sent her to the slaughterhouse as beef and they did that with Melissa Paredes. Ethel was in her good role and the other in her usual role, so to destroy her because with this they have finished with her in that program”, Expressed Magaly Medina.

I don’t think she ever entered that show again and I think she realized what they were doing to her in her own show where they said she was one more, that she was a friend, part of the family. They held her, they gave her another kind of treatment, right? They launched themselves head-on, because that’s the way it is, she is one more wheel of this car that Gisela Valcárcel’s production company runs and what did I expect, what did they treat her beautifully?“Said the journalist and later added:”Melissa was taken to the slaughterhouse and quartered for rating. From there it is useless. They sacrificed her for the sake of their show to say we’re impartial”.

He pointed out that the friendship between Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza and Ethel Pozo before the hugs and kisses ampay was pure hypocrisy.

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She went to victimize herself, to not recognize what she had done and blame her husband for the fact that the macho society sympathized with the ‘Cat’. We are not going to believe Melissa when she says that her husband knew that she had liked that he liked the dancer and the ‘Gato’ was very happy he stayed there. A Peruvian soccer player is going to stay calm, no. Melissa who are you kidding”, Said the journalist.

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