Magaly Medina criticizes Luciana Fuster for denouncing bullying after ampay: And why doesn’t she complain about the scriptwriters of “La Academia”?

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The accusations of Luciana Fuster against show programs continue to generate reactions. Magaly Medina criticized the model for complaining about the cyber bullying she has received due to the ‘ampays’ she has starred in.

He has cried bitterly in a program on his channel saying that he is being bullied from all sides, however, he does not complain about the scriptwriters of his program “, questioned the popular “Urraca” after considering that in the series “La Academia” they do subject her to public humiliation.

Medina referred to the recent scene in which Yvonne Frayssinet, who plays Patricio Parodi’s mother in fiction, insults the member of the “Warriors” as part of the script for the series “This is War.”

The ones who should respect her first are them. Look at how they make a character call her a climber and a climber, and she doesn’t consider it bullying. And why not report them too? You should report your screenwriters“, critical.

The show host advised the reality girl to be consistent in her complaints. “When you victimize yourself in front of the camera, you have to be consistent. (…) He should not only whine because others are bullying him, but he should whine because his scriptwriters bully him”, He sentenced.

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