Magaly Medina labels Aída Martínez as vulgar for saying rude words in front of her baby – El Comercio

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Magaly medina He again attacked Aída Martínez, after the Arequipa model responded with profanity to users who criticize her on their social networks, when she was with her little daughter.

“She appears there with her daughter, who is there listening to the string of flatness and vulgarities that she says. It’s okay, she’s a little girl who may not understand, but it’s not okay for you to expose your baby to such vulgar language “, questioned the conduct of shows.

She thinks she is fine, but Aída Martínez has a vulgarity and a vulgarity that could well be a crown for that. (…) She will have married, but as a lady, she has nothing. Nothing fine”He added.

The popular magpie considered that the Arequipa should be more tolerant with their ‘haters’, even more so if it is a public figure who lives off their social networks.

If you live from your exchanges, you market your social network, you have to put up with the good and bad that that brings, but that of having your poor little daughter listening to such ugly, so vulgar verbiage”, He lashed out.


Aída Martínez attacks Magaly Medina

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